Before Restoration...

Over the years, the lake was not maintained and managed, soon leading to people throwing & dumping garbage which  included plastic and poultry waste. This contaminated the lake with harmful and poisonous substances and completely destroyed the life of the lake.This has resulted in decline of ground water levels,water logging during monsoon. The bad air emitted by garbage dumping & burning impacted air quality resulting in compromising the health of residents in the surrounding villages and nearby communities.

Lake is surrounded by farms. Many varieties of  vegetables, fruits and flowers are grown here. These farms were affected by water contamination & decline produce. It was a fearing danger to the quality of groundwater. The lake was habitat for a variety of birds and fishes with increase in pollution levels there was a decline in the activities and the lake started losing its life with fish and birds starting to disappear. Stray animals and pets in search of food ended up scavenging on garbage heap. These animals feeding on toxic substances was worrisome for transfer of diseases ,rabies etc.

Totally 400 tons of garbage had been tossed into the water body  in the last 25-30 years. The garbage dumping  formed a  mound as tall as  30 feet  and some of it had soaked nearly 10 feet below the ground .Sludge accumulated below the garbage had to be removed.