After Restoration...

The determined lake rejuvenation work from the team with the support of MLA Arvind Limbavali, Force GW, Mahadevapura Task Force and volunteers has yielded a fruitful outcome. This has increased the groundwater level. Water supply to the surrounded farms is uninterrupted. Water being the main source for agriculture, all the vegetables, fruits and flowers cultivation is good. This itself is a remarkable work by the team and villagers which is appreciable. Villagers, many apartments and Villa communities consume good quality water now.


After the rejuvenation, the flourishing lake impacted the biodiversity of the area in an incredibly significant way. Many birds have migrated back. There are close to 30 species of birds like the Kingfisher, Shikra, Little Egret and many more have been spotted. Along with birds, few other species of fishes, snakes and turtles live here.

Air is fresh and now many use the lake pathway to walk and jog. It is a destination place for many cyclist and bikers.

Kannamangala lake is the weekend and holiday spot for the people residing nearby. It has turned to photographer’s paradise. Many Bird watchers visit the lake for photography or to understand and learn the Bird’s life cycle and behaviour.